Video technology helps Arronbrook customers make right choice

Arronbrook is proud to be investing in new video technology which will enable customers to take a virtual tour of the luxury holiday home they want to buy before placing an order.

As a company which is always looking for new ways to help its customers, this idea aims to showcase each caravan’s individual features before the final investment decision is made.

Whilst our annual show at Cottingham Parks remains the most popular way to view our range, it’s hoped these new 360-degree videos will provide a similar life-like experience – especially for online customers.

Director Paul Coombs explained: “We know that buying a luxury holiday home is a major investment for many of our customers so we want to do as much as we can to help them make an informed choice.

“Traditionally, people came to our annual show or visited one of our trusted trade partners to see the quality of our caravans, but with more and more enquiries now coming from online we have to cater for their needs to.

“We’ve invested in this technology because we believe that all our customers should be able to experience the spaciousness and what life in our caravans is like, before they place an order to buy one.

“Hopefully, this 360-degree technology will allow both new and existing customers to get a feel for the quality of our craftsmanship, helping them to choose the features they want and need from a luxury holiday home.”

Established more than 30 years ago, Arronbrook now has a reputation for being one of the most reliable exporters of bespoke holiday homes in the UK.

With three superb ranges in our product portfolio – the Eclipse, Clipper and Topaz, we regularly deliver caravans to sites in Belgium and Holland, as well as having great links with dealerships throughout the UK.

Having recently demonstrated our ability to make centre-lounge caravans in both the Topaz and Clipper range, our stylish collection of caravans has been further enhanced for 2017.

Click here to discover the Eclipse range – and take a 360-degree tour!

Browse the beautiful Clipper collection with our 360-degree technology!

Use our 360-degree technology to take a look at the stylish Topaz range!

Paul added: “By taking you into the caravan itself and letting you move around the lay-out throughout the caravan, we think these videos let you see just how spacious and quality driven our caravans really are.

“If they help just one customer decide which caravan is the right fit for them, by letting them experience exactly what it would be like to live or holiday in the space, then the investment and effort that’s gone into producing them will have been very worthwhile.”

For more details on any of the luxury caravans in our range, please email or call 01482 210327 today!