Positive relationship with Hull haulage firm Neill & Brown key to European export success

DIRECTOR Steve Park believes Arronbrook’s close working relationship with a Hull haulage firm is vital to their continued European export success.

Neill & Brown, one of the most experienced European and UK logistics providers, have been our transport partners for more than 25 years and they now export all of our bespoke holiday homes to the continent.

In the past twelve months, that has seen an average of two caravans a week pass through Hull docks bound for European soil.

With Belgium continuing to be one of Arronbrook’s main sources of business, the relationship with Neill & Brown has never been more important.

So much so that earlier this month Steve went on a fact-finding mission to Belgian Importer Rodeo Caravans accompanied by Neill & Brown transport manager Stuart Dean to further develop the existing trade alliance.

Having picked up an order for another 40 luxury holiday homes whilst there, thanks in part to the trusted transportation agreement, our relationship with Neill & Brown continues to go from strength to strength.

Steve explained: “We pride ourselves on the fact we build bespoke caravans and can deliver luxury holiday homes that are hand made to the highest possible standard.

“As always, the feedback we received from Rodeo and their customers was very positive – and we know Neill & Brown play a key role in helping us achieve that.

“This substantial new order means our transport partners will play an important part in our ongoing success for the foreseeable future.

“Having secured this new business and established some new business links in Belgium, we’re excited about what the future may hold.”

Although a trip to Europe sounds like a chance to relax, the hectic schedule involved meant it was anything but a holiday.

Having visited Rodeo’s annual show in Melle, Steve negotiated terms on a deal which will see a batch of caravans decked out in modern shades of grey and blue to appeal to a younger audience.

Steve said: “We set sail on Monday night, arrived on Tuesday morning and went straight to the show to spend most the day talking to clients and customers. We then headed back to the ferry and set sail for Hull at 10pm.

“It may have been a very busy and tiring schedule, but it was well worth it because we met so many nice people – and also secured a very profitable order.

“The success of our relationship with Rodeo is based on the fact that we can make bespoke caravans to their exact requirements.

“By demonstrating our adaptability to make the designs they want, in the colours they want, we have again played a really important role in their business model.

“Rodeo are keen to target a younger generation of caravan buyers and they think a modern colour palette is one thing which will allow them to do this more successfully.

“As always, we are more than happy to deliver what they require.”